Upon arrival at JFK airport in New York City, the OSK delegation was welcomed by members of FOSK Nkenda P Nzinga, Kaori, including two former members of the OSK who now reside in the US, Simon Mantuidi (trombonist) and Jerry Matondo (soloist). The delegation was composed of 7 people, Maestro Armand Diangienda, Diomi Nsaku Yvette (Coordinator of La Fondation Joseph Diangienda),Ntela Lukombo Guelor, Mbuangi Heritier Mayimbi Efemiya Mamy Longolongo (soloist), Phanzu Marthorel Ngetutala and Moko Victor Muanamosi They were picked up by a shutle bus straight to Marriot hotel East Side in Manhattan. After a welcome-diner-reception with some  members of FOSK at the hotel,the delegation had to go to bed early Due to jet lag or time zone change, so that they could have a fresh day for rehearsal the following day. Lower Manhattan was packed with guests, its the UN General assemblee week, which means different governments delegations, Heads of States, NGOs and different internatinal organizations are in New York City for the UN General Assemblee.